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Crises. They're confusing. They're messy. But most of all, they're much administrative effort. And that's where Master of Disaster comes in.

MoD was born out of my own annoyance with the inefficiency of paper-based crisis. After consulting many experienced members of the crisis community, a platform was created to make the entire thing as simple as possible for everyone involved - in short, all the fun of crisis with none of the paper. Greta would be proud.

What sets us apart

Real-time updates

Tired of reloading your page every five seconds just to be the first to read the latest news story? Thanks to our real-time notification updates, that will be a thing of the past. Type your directives and messages out in peace, while receiving news and notifications live.

Inter-cabinet messaging

Say goodbye to crisis' biggest hassle: organising meetings with characters in other cabinets, or having the backroom pass on your messages every time. With Master of Disaster, you can send backroom-approved messages to any character in any cabinet.

Incredibly easy to use

Want to see what stage of approval your directive is at? Want to know what other characters there are in your cabinet? Want to be able to create a crisis at your conference that allows you to enter all the participants' details without constantly having to contact the crisis system administrator? Despair no more, Master of Disaster has you covered.

Full list of features

Real-time notifications

Notification on directive response or message approval

Directive sending & approval

Directive response via comment-style system

Status updates to delegates on directive progress

Messages between delegates

Backroom approval for delivery of messages

Directive timer

Delegate profiles and bio files visible online

Delegates can see summaries of all characters in their cabinet

Several colour schemes

Complete administrative control

No contact with MoD system admins required

Real-time news updates

Cabinet-specific announcements from backroom

Background Guide visible for all participants

Chairs' notes on delegates visible for backroom

Integrated feedback system

Director's reading list to maximise information sharing

Real-time crisis statistics

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